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Community Bible Fellowship of Aberdeen Community Bible Fellowship of Aberdeen

Church Staff Church Staff

Dr. G. Douglas A. Crawley - Senior Pastor -

Rev Andre' Brown - Assistant Pastor -

Richard Tisdale - Elder -

Pleasant Johnson - Elder -

Karen Boateng - Minister of Music - @kboateng1

Keisha Brown - Children Church Ministries

Edna Simms - Deacon / Hospitality Coordinator

Lillian Finley - Deacon

Mary Thompson - Deacon
Gary Clemons - Deacon

Deborah Johnson - Deacon

Erwin Jordon - Deacon

Larry Simms - Deacon
Diane Gumbs - Church Bulletin Information -

Bulletin Updates: Please contact Diane Gumbs by 5:00PM on Thursday. Phone: 732-979-1514

Vanessa Jordon - Church Administrator -

Church Calendar: Please contact Venessa with any updates or Changes. She also maintains the Pastor's schudle. Phone: 732-566-6443

Doug & Shirley Crawley - Pastor & First Lady